At Havana Salsa Dance Tours (HSDT) we have inspired and motivated dancers of all levels from beginners right up to advanced level since 2012 with our dance tours to the Majestic Cuba.

Our tours provide a fantastic blend of dance, music and culture, providing you with unrivalled access to Cuba’s lively culture, rich history, amazing people and their vivacious dance rhythms.

Our tours are put together by Rodolfo who is Cuban born and bred in Havana along with our experienced team of professional dance teachers and tour guides. With their sole focus being Cuba and for you to have a once in a life time experience, invigorating your mind and body.

We are based in the heart of Cuba, Havana, for the majority of the tour. Giving you the opportunity to visit the must see destinations and immerse yourself in Cuban culture. We will provide you hours of professional dance classes on your tour to suit you. Our aim is to take you inside this remarkable society in a fun, respectful and eye opening way. Where you will learn a lot about yourself and who you are as a dancer. With the opportunity to experience or improve in Salsa, Son, Rumba, Rueda, Afro-Cuban and more..

We will bring you the very best in excursions to other Cuban Cities, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, accommodation in the best ‘Casa Particulars’ and experiences at the very best prices. This allows us to say we provide the most authentic, culture rich, dance plentiful tour around for like-minded enthusiasts of Cuban dance and music. We have access to all the best salsa clubs in Havana, where we will see the best of best of live Cuban bands and performers to keep us dancing all night long.

Don’t wait to visit Cuba, go quick before it all changes, join the Cuban Craze now and experience what this beautiful island has to offer with us.

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All information and documents are available at our class venues, just speak to one of our teachers who will be glad to assist with any queries.