Detailed list of scheduled activities for each day


11:30     Leaving England (London Heathrow) You can book your own flights from anywhere in the world

17:40     Arrival in Havana (Jose Marti)

18:40     Transfer to Casa Particulares in Havana

20:00     Welcome Drink

21:30     Dinner

23:00    Club 1830s to experience a ‘Live’ Cuban Band

You will arrive in Cuba and head straight to your Hotel accommodation for the first 4 days in Havana. Where you will have your first meet and greet of the tour from the Team in Cuba.


10:30     Meet and Greet in Casa Particulares

11:00 to 13:00    Dance Workshop

13:30     Lunch

15:00     Sightseeing in Havana 

19:00     Dinner

21:00     Dancing / Live Concert in Hotel Floridita

To ease you into the holiday, we will meet for a chat to discuss excursions and the 12 days ahead, with a couple of dance workshops thrown in to get the Salsa vibe started!


08:30     Meeting in Casa Particulares

09:00     Beach Day

11:00 to 13:00    Dance workshop on the Beach

14:00     Lunch and activities on the Beach

20:30     Dinner back in Havana 

21:30      Live Concert in Casa de la Musica Miramar 

We all love the beach day, we head to Playa Jibacoa just a short drive out of Havana. We have the dance classes that day on the beach, followed by fun beach activities and a gorgeous fresh lunch on the beach. You won’t want to leave.


10:30     Meeting in Casa Particulares

11:00 to 13:00    Dance Workshop

14:00     Lunch in Havana

15:00     Rumba experience in Callejon de Hamlet

19:00     Dinner in Havana

22:00     Dancing and Live Music in Club 1830

Cubans love to dance and the source of this passion is their deep roots in African culture. We will get to experience some Rumba classes first hand from a top team of teachers followed by a mind blowing experience in Callejon de Hamlet where will see all the Rumba and Afro Cuban dances first hand in a spectacular show.


09:00     Meeting in Casa Particulares

09:30.    Salsa Classes 

13:30     Lunch in Havana

15::00    Sightseeing/ Museums in Havana

20:30     Dinner

23:00       Jazz Café in Havana

We will start our first excursion out of Havana to the beautiful colonial city of Cienfuegos, a bay on Cuba’s south coast. The city is dubbed La Perla del Sur (Pearl of the South). We will take in the many attractions there, especially the Palacio de Valle.


07:30     Meeting/Casa Particular

08:00     Depart to Trinidad (This trip can change depending on Cuba’s arrangements)

12:00      Lunch in Trinidad

14:00      Sight Seeing/ Tour Guide in Trinidad

20:00     Dinner in Trinidad

22:00     Night activity in Trinidad

About Cuba

Departing to Trinidad, in central Cuba, known for its colonial old town and cobblestone streets. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988, a not to be missed city on the tour.


07:30     Meeting/Casa Particular

08:00     Depart to waterfall 

12:00      Lunch

14:00     Visit to Acon Beach

20:30     Dinner

22:00     Night activity in Trinidad


The waterfalls near Trinidad are some of the best in Cuba. Cuba is a country with hidden gems. These waterfalls are one of them, where Mother Nature was extremely generous, high and beautiful waterfalls, with blue natural pools. A pure delight for all.


09:00     Meeting/Casa Particular

09:30.    Depart to Varadero

13:30     Lunch on route to Varadero

15::00    Arrive to Hotel

20:30     Dinner

23:00     Marina in Varadero

Back to the life and soul of Cuba, Havana. This part of the tour, staying in Casa Particulars, experiencing Cuban life, culture first hand with the friendly local Cubans.


10:30     Meeting in Hotel

11:00 to 13:00    Dance Workshop 

13:30     Lunch

14:30     Sightseeing in Varadero City

20:30     Dinner

23:00     Casa la Musica Varadero

By day you will experience, La Habana Vieja, El Capitolio, the legendary La Bodeguita del Medio. By night you will experience the spectacular show that is the  La Parisien Cabaret.

DAY 10

10:30     Meeting in Hotel

11:00 to 13:00    Dance Workshop

13:30    Lunch

15:00    Chocolate / Rum Factory in Varadero

20:30    Dinner

23:00    Hotel 

You will get to taste / try two of the most important products in Cuba. In the Rum and Cigar factories in Havana, the taste leaves you wanting more once again from this amazing island.

DAY 11

08:30     Meeting in Hotel

11:00 to 13:00    Dance Workshop on Beach

17:00     Comeback from Beach

19:30     Dinner

23:00    Dancing at Jardine Varadero

Some time to relax on the beach, lapping up the sun, swimming in the clear blue waters surround by great people, great music and great food.

DAY 12

08:30    Meeting in Hotel

11:00     Cueva de Ambrosio

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Varadero Street Market

19:30      Dinner

23:00     Dancing at La Bamba

An amazing day visiting the famous Ambrosio caves in Varadero, followed by a visit to the incredible Varadero street market, then dinner, and more dancing to round up the last day before heading home. 

DAY 13

Free Morning

12:00     Checkout

12:30     Goodbye Meeting

14:00     Transfer to Airport in Havana

19:25     Depart from Havana
(Arrive UK Gatwick Airport + 1day)

We head back home, not wanting to get back on the plane, after a once in a life time experience in Cuba.